Digital Artwork for Cars & Bikes


2017 Custom Vivid Black Harley-Davidson Breakout.


Many people come to us with a vague idea or theme for their bike and it is up to us to create a work of art. Steve was different, he had a clear idea. He knew the pose that Ned should be in on the rear guard  and he knew the tank should be a subtle blend of paint and imaging showcasing his Breakout. Steve supplied us with a very simplistic picture of the Ned Kelly he wanted; now it was down to us to take it to the next level. We researched Ned’s guns and armour from the archives in Victoria and decided to make the image as historically correct as possible. Using 3-D models of his Colt Navy revolver I introduced it
the pose to create an ultra-realistic image based on the profile Steve asked for. It was then down to Mark to use his airbrushing skills to create those subtle blends and effects between paint and imaging to make the final murals pop and the 3-D effect come to life.


So pleased with the outcome on this and such a great canvas. This bike turns heads even without the graphics, but many have said the imaging draws you in, The level of detail we achieved whist staying true to the bike itself proved to be a real winner. So much so that this bike featured on 5 pages in Heavy Duty Magazine issue 161.