Digital Artwork for Cars & Bikes

Where are we?

The Custom Digital service is operated exclusively from South Australia, however our service is available country wide. All we need are the components parts to be shipped to us and we can work the rest via email. We can assist with shipping if required and bring the very latest in vehicle graphics direct to you. You will see how your graphics evolve from concept to completion. You will be involved every step of the way. If you are not sure what you want we are on hand with ideas that can give you a custom piece that will be unlike anything you have ever seen. Check out our gallery for examples of our work.

So what is the process?

All of our graphics are designed digitally on high end computers, there is no limit to depth, colour or detail. If it can be seen on a computer screen we can get the same image into your paint. From photographs to high end custom digital themes….what you see is what you get. We can manipulate the images before print so you as the customer can be in charge of the end result, from colour changes to image alterations…..there are no unexpected surprises at the end.

This brand new concept is now revolutionising vehicle graphics, from custom bikes to cars the only limit is your imagination. After 4 years in the making, we at custom digital can offer graphics so detailed that it cannot be achieved currently with any other process. Specializing in one off custom pieces we can make your bike or car stand out from the crowd. The detail needs to be seen to be believed.

How does this differ from airbrushing?

The main difference is the level of detail which can be achieved. This process is not designed to replace airbrushing which many people see as an individual artists interpretation of a chosen theme and a piece that will never be done twice. Our aim is to be able to offer graphics without limits and detail that is unsurpassed. We can offer full colour in standard or metallics and one off custom designs that will not be repeated.

Why not just have stickers?

With the Custom Digital process there are No Lines. These are the highest quality images in the highest quality paint. Check out the close ups in our gallery or contact us for further examples of what we can do.